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Clear Horizon Education produces and delivers workshops for private and public sector corporations, for groups and for individuals. Half-day and full-day workshops are available. The current workshop being offered is Developing Emotional Resiliency - an exploration of the source of any emotional pain with practical solutions that work, on how to manage and control our emotional state. For more information on available spots or to inquire about having us come to your offices or group meeting area, please see our contact info.

Message from David Perlman
-  Creator and Facilitator
[Developing Emotional Resiliency]

Over the past few years, one of the most profound discoveries I have made is that we have the ability to manage our negative emotions. When recurring and upsetting thoughts don't go away on their own, they affect our day and our week.
I used to think that there was very little I could do to immediately snap out of it if I was feeling sad, anxious or frustrated. We have created a simple step by step system that allows you to flick the switch on your negative emotions. I invite you to come join us and learn how you can manage your emotions, flick the switch, and improve the quality of your life.
Message from Andrei Losinski
-  Creator and Facilitator
[Developing Emotional Resiliency]

I, like most people have experienced pain in one form or another. I have also seen those I care about experiencing emotional pain. Out of all the books I've read and courses I've taken, I wasn't always clear on 'how to' apply the information I was given.
Clear Horizon Education was born from a need that David and I recognized. Our course is an improved and simplified training program with a focus on 'how to' - easy solutions that you can implement anytime and anywhere, when you are feeling frustrated, guilty, judged or afraid. We would love to share our findings with you, in the hopes that you will spend more time feeling the way you want to feel.

Dave Perlman is an exciting and energetic coach that delivers on his promises.   He has trained and developed me both personally, emotionally and professionally.   His inspirational leadership style and effective listening skills are the ground force today for developing one's emotional resiliency for life!

- Kevork Guerguerian, Training & Development, North York General Hospital, North York, ON

Andrei is patient, caring and supportive. He's an excellent communicator and negotiator, and has advised me and supported me in my time of need. He has given me practical tips and ways of communicating effectively with others. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to take any of their relationships to the next level.

- Elizabeth Greig, Toronto, ON

Dave Perlman exemplifies the power of effective communication. He articulates the perfect questions to ask - not to get more information - but so that we can create together, through inspired thought and proven strategies. He takes us on a fun journey of discovery, with the destination being significant measurable results that others are astonished by! Dave comes from an authentic place of love, and has the ingenuity to make anything work.

- Danish Ahmed, Author and Motivational Speaker, Ordinary Words Inc., Toronto, ON

I have always been skeptical of motivational speakers, life coaches, and others that claim to have the answers to make my life better. However, through Andrei, I have reconsidered my negative beliefs. His words and presentation have really moved me, and I have strangely felt compelled to try and improve my life. Andrei's ideas hit a nerve, and gave me the courage and desire to change my life for the better. Although the changes have been my own, it was Andrei who gave me the gumption to get into action. Thanks Andrei for helping me to improve my life.

- Eric Kittler, Dana Point, CA

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