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Developing Emotional Resiliency

We are bombarded in magazines, self-help books and talk shows with suggestions on how to be emotionally resilient. We've heard it all before - be positive, go for walks, learn how to breathe more calmly, listen to music and meditate, but these suggestions don't get to the source of what's causing our pain. At least 64 times a day we go through some small crisis. Some of these dissolve on their own and some of them we can't let go of. Often, the reason we can't let go of them is because we don't understand them. Understanding something is the first step in being able to let go of it. Emotional pain affects our health, our relationships, our spirit, and our enjoyment of life. What shapes us as individuals and defines our strengths as parents, spouses, employees and business owners is our ability to deal with emotional pain. Our greatest challenge is to develop our ability to deal with adversity.

Like a repairman has tools to enable him to get the job done, we're going to provide you with tools to recognize your upset, understand what's causing it, and have it dissolve. Small group activities and role-play scenarios are some of the techniques used to help participants master the tools provided. The workshop can be taken either in a half-day, or as a more intensive full-day experience. Participants will gain new and effective strategies to manage upsetting emotions, allowing them to stay positive and focused, and improving the quality of their life and the life of the people around them.

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